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Matrix Research is the successful offspring of two very different methodologies - qualitative and quantitative research. It is very uncommon for a research company to do both, and to do them so well.  

Matrix Research successfully integrated the project management and planning skills used in quantitative research with the creative, observational skills used in qualitative, market research and ethnography. The company's incubation started with specialized boutique research services such as highly screened, criteria exclusive participant recruiting. Research Director, Robert E. Brown states, "We wanted to work backwards and perfect the most difficult phases of research such as recruitment." Many research companies ignore this crucial step only to realize that they have a structure in place that cannot be executed. Robert continues, "We quickly learned how to forecast the hills and valleys of a research proposal and recommend alternative, cost-conscious research methods."

Matrix Research quickly became known as the industry participant recruiter and project manager. After fifteen years of sustained growth, Matrix Research is now a leading full service qualitative and quantitative research company with international clients across industries.


Our Executive Director


Robert E. Brown

Robert is an industry innovator and leader, known for executing large-scale qualitative and quantitative internationally-scoped research projects. He is an experienced moderator, research director and go-to guy for making difficult projects work. 
Extremely detail oriented and people focused, Robert's background includes years of research experience in the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and consulting industries.

Robert currently leads the international research team across industries, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial services, technology, consumer packaging, beverage and media.


Copyright, Riverbend Studio, 2017 

Copyright, Riverbend Studio, 2017