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Matrix Research, Inc. is your comprehensive solution to local
and international, qualitative and quantitative market research services. 

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Areas of Expertise

Focus Groups

Using the latest techniques in motivational interviewing, our focus groups are developed from a deep understanding and practice of the fields of psychology, sociology and anthropology. All qualitative staff are trained, industry experts with decades of combined experience.

Mobile Research

Our fast-growing and most exciting platform for research is now Mobile Research. The Smartphone and Tablet revolutions have ushered in rapid yet reliable data collection techniques providing data from the most sophisticated users. Not all research organizations are familiar with these methods or know how to implement them well. Matrix Research has been the leading edge in Mobile Research and was one of the first to implement ground breaking approaches in all phases of research from planning to data analysis.

IDI's & Triads

Tailoring research to the needs of projects and clients takes experience and understanding about which methods will produce the best insights. Smaller groups and individual interviews help us take a deeper dive into the needs and motivations of consumers. Whether research is hosted at our facility or test kitchen, or in-context during a shop-along or in-home ethnography, our confidence in research comes from our experience and practice. We know the challenges and obstacles with non-traditional research and we deliver consistently above par.

Usability & Remote Testing

Web users have little tolerance for difficult, non-intuitive websites. This is why it is so important to have your website evaluated by your customers or clients. Matrix Research is a proven expert in gauging the efficiency and accuracy of a website, and evaluating the recall and emotional responses from users. No matter the budget scope, Matrix Research works with companies of varying sizes to implement Usability Testing methods that succeed. If your timeline or budget is tight, Matrix Research uses leading Remote Usability Testing techniques and technology to make user research possible for you.

Telephone ReSEARCh

Often considered outdated or uninteresting, Telephone Research still has a place in the research world. When budgets are tight or respondents are too difficult to reach in person, Telephone Research can bridge the gap and provide real answers for our clients. Telephone Research has helped us speak to CEO’s, COO’s and other business leaders that would not have been available for face-to-face methods.

Quantitative Research

Matrix Research uses state-of-art quantitative techniques to create valuable insights from market research statistics. Examples of our analytical techniques include Multivariate Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling and Conjoint Analysis. Because our experts collaborate closely with our methodologists and statisticians, we are able to provide clients with seamless, full-service research capabilities. At Matrix Research, clients benefit from the understanding our team gains in the qualitative phase of a project, which is then integrated into the complex phases of quantitative research. This collaboration ultimately ensures a maximum return on the insights gained.