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Participant Recruiting

When Placing Participants is a Science

Finding those stellar research participants from a broad demographic can be a nightmare for any research team. No-shows, cancellations and unresponsive participants can reduce the value of your research, equating to vague and unremarkable results for your clients or business.
Many organizations do not have the experience or resources to identify and locate the ideal participants for their needs. Professionals like you want to focus on the core of research without worrying about the details of setting up a project.

Businesses often have a strong staff of researchers but lack the resources to carry out multi-city focus groups, simultaneous videotaping, catering and incentive processing. Matrix Research is recognized as the industry leader in project management and participant recruiting because they are integral and recognized practices within our overall qualitative and quantitative approaches.
We are a full-scale market research company, but we welcome small-scale participant recruitment projects as well.